The 1/3 or 3/4 Grand Tour

The people have spoken, and I shall meet their demands.

(As of this writing, I have shared the link to this blog with a grand total of 5 people. One of them asked for a tour.  20% is a pretty high percentage, people.  Actually, since one of the 5 is T, and he lives here, I’ll bump the percentage up to 25%, 1 out of 4. This could be considered a groundswell of support.)

Today I share our home in all of its *AS IS* glory.

We are definitely still in the settling in phase.  The title of the tour comes from the funny conversation between T and me on how far along we are with settling in–I say 1/3 and he says 3/4.  Since there is no objective way to measure such things, I am declaring us both right.  In the 1/3 or 3/4 Grand Photographic Tour, you will see boxes, dirty dishes, piles of things we want but don’t know what to do with, and piles of things we don’t want but don’t know what to do with.  If any of this bothers you, move on to your next blog.

Still with me?  Good.  First, I introduce you to the carport.

We live in a duplex, and there is a gate enclosing the property.  And when I say “the property,” I mean just our little house and the backyard.  We have electric gate openers and a key to get in and out of the walking gate.  This is typical for our in-the-middle-of-the-city neighborhood, but it still feels a little strange.  We park in tandem on the far side of the carport, and our downstairs neighbor parks on the near side.  The backyard, which I don’t show, is mostly dead thanks to the record heat of the summer of 2011.  Come right on up those stairs, won’t you?

I’d like to show you around the place!

We have a charming little covered back porch.  T’s grill and two chairs and a bistro table (not yet existent) fit just perfectly, along with a sweet doormat (Thanks for the shower gift, KP!).

Next comes our utility room, complete with washer, dryer, and a very large number of boxes.  I am excited about the possibilities for this room with some storage shelving for tools, sports equipment, etc.  It’s also just off the kitchen, and it has windows in every direction.  The only drawback of the room is that it’s not heated or cooled, so doing the laundry in the humid 110 degree summer gets fun.

Next up: the kitchen!  I love the kitchen.  It’s such a beautiful place–clearly a priority of the owner who renovated the whole duplex circa 2005.  I apologize that this dark and slightly blurry picture doesn’t do it justice.  The cabinets are all well-made with cream/light yellow exteriors and bronze fixtures.  There are 4 glass-paneled cabinet doors and two sections of open glass shelving.  The appliances are nice.

I am happy to have such a lovely place in which to unpack my wedding gifts and set up shop.

Next up: the trash heap.  The dining room is the area directly off the kitchen, where we typically enter the house, and it is just before the hallway with the bedrooms and bathrooms.  Being the central room of the house, it is where we have dumped our papers, wedding gifts we haven’t sorted through yet, and boxes.

I see a lot of potential for this room as well, the centerpiece of which is a BRAND NEW TABLE and chairs like the one in the foreground of the picture.  We set up the new table and chairs last night after taking these pictures, and I am typing with my laptop on the table right now.  You will have to come back for the AFTER tour in a month or so to see it!

T’s old table and chairs are being repurposed as a desk area in the guest room for now.  If that doesn’t work out, they may go the way of Craigslist.

In the back of the room, under the windows, is a sideboard cabinet we bought off Craiglist and are enjoying.  Or we think we might enjoy it if we can dig it out of the heap of receipts.

On to the living room.  This room is quite large, and we don’t have much furniture for it yet other than a couch, a small Ikea Expedit bookcase, a coffee table I brought into marriage, and a small TV stand w/ T’s old TV.

We have some artwork, including the one pictured that I purchased from former roommate E when she left California two years ago.  It’s my prized possession, and I haven’t decided where to place it in this new place.  Here and the dining room are the two options.  Feel free to weigh in with your opinion.

We have plans to buy a rug, a flat-screen TV for football watching (my wedding gift to T that we haven’t gotten around to shopping for yet), and possibly a wall shelving/TV unit.  Eventually we may upgrade the seating as well.  The couch was another Craigslist purchase T made last year and is nice for naps but rather uncomfortable for actual sitting.

Bedrooms!  First, here is our bedroom, where you can see that we’ve been contributing to Ikea’s bottom line.  The wardrobe on the right holds most of my clothes due to limited closet space.  We have two matching night stands and a smaller matching dresser for T’s clothes, which feels ultra fancy because neither of us has had a matching bedroom since we were living our parents’ homes.

I’m enjoying the new duvet cover.  It has a bit of color and a geometric design, which makes it fun but not girly.

The room can use some artwork on the walls and some further organization, though I am glad to say I can find my socks now.

The second bedroom is outfitted with my old bedding.  I’m not sure I like the color of the walls, but we likely won’t change much in here for a while except to (attempt to) clean up some of the piles of random papers and other stuff that line the walls and possibly get a nightstand and small dresser.  We are mostly glad that we were able to get the bed shipped from CA to TX for a reasonable rate (Trailer Dan is the BEST EVER, maybe I’ll write a blog post about him) since we are not sure when a guest bed would have become a priority as we set up the rest of the house.

We have already had one guest, a coworker of mine for one night, and we look forward to several more guests this fall: my sister A, a friend KB, and some family for Thanksgiving.  Why not add your name to the list?  We’re ready for you!

This picture makes clear that I was not trying to impress anyone with this photo shoot.  I didn’t even take the time to straighten the pillows on the bed.  Oh well.

The last room off the house is a real gem: the bathroom.  It has built-in shelving, a granite countertop, a glass shower door, and tile everywhere.  We like it!

To enter the house from the front, you come up this flight of stairs.

We typically only use this door, which faces the street, when we’re leaving the house to walk somewhere, which I did when I was taking this picture.  I had to check out (and work for the afternoon from) a highly-rated coffee shop a block from here.  Tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

I’m sure a few of you will appreciate the two garden flags.  (Thanks, BE!)

This is the house from the street.

Thanks for coming with me on the tour of the house and enduring my mediocre camera skills.  I hope that blogging will serve to improve them.  T just got a new camera, so that should help.

We are blessed to have a beautiful place to live and beautiful friends to share our life with.  Come visit soon!

Sidenote: WordPress counts your words, and I’m up to 1347.  Apparently those 1500 word essays I didn’t enjoy back in the day are easy to write when you’re talking about yourself…

7 thoughts on “The 1/3 or 3/4 Grand Tour

  1. Does the team with the higher ranking get the spot of honor outside? Hopefully the power T can move out there eventually. Go Vols! Go Yellow Jackets! Go T & K for going to schools in different conferences!

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