My favorite cabinet ever

As newlyweds, we are doing what newlyweds do, namely, organizing the house. This cabinet is our greatest success thus far. I like it for three reasons:

1. I picked neutral dishes that I don’t hate. In fact, I think I like them.

2. The beautiful cabinet belongs in this charming apartment which is a huge blessing and one of the biggest decisions T and I made together about life in Texas while engaged. The process of finding an apartment was a challenge, and learning to work together to make this small decision gave us a lot of hope for our marriage and all the big decisions ahead of us.

3. It means that one spot in the house is completely organized!


4 thoughts on “My favorite cabinet ever

    • 🙂 Hmm, maybe I can put up the “we’ve only lived here two weeks and everything’s messy” tour. And then when we get things more settled, we can put up an “after” tour.

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