First Post: It Feels Good to Save the World

Welcome. We’re T and K. I’m not sure if I’m going to use our names in this little updates-on-our-family blog since the whole wide world can see it. OK, fine, my name is Kari. My husband will just be T for now.

Thanks to Uncle D for the picture!

We are newly married. Two weeks and 4 days. We live in Houston, where we know very few people. He’s been here a year, and I’m just coming on board as a Texas resident post-wedding.

Today, as I go about saving the world one street sign at a time, I am inspired to write our first blog post. I am pretty sure it’s my civic duty to fill the world in on how good it feels to be a good citizen.My first foray into being a good citizen came the first time I dialed 911. I was coming home from a night shift at work at 2 AM, and I went over a hill on a two-lane road to find a not-huge-but-too-big-for-me-to-drive-over-or-around tree branch in the road. I had to screech on the breaks and turn around. Thank God there was no one coming behind me. There would have been an accident for sure. What to do? I called 911! And they sent out emergency road people to clear it in the middle of the night. (I think. It was chopped up the next morning and in a neat pile of logs along the side of the road.)I have called 911 twice more, once for an accident that had clearly just occurred on I-880 in California.  My carpool-mate (who was driving) and I high-fived one another when the 911 operator said that no one else had reported the accident.  Another rather hilarious phone call to my city help line (not 911) occurred when our across-the-street neighbors left a mattress and box spring on the curb for about 3 months.  The trash people in tha
t  city never take such items, and we were a little tired of looking at the soggy things.

My civic duty today came after I just about died.  I was driving along a road with three lanes in the direction I was headed, and then there were two lanes.  My lane disappeared.  No Warning.  Thank God (again, and I mean it) that there was no one just to my right because I swerved into the next lane as a reflex.  On my way back past the same spot, I stopped to see if there was a sign to warn of the lane ending.  Indeed, there was a sign.  It was totally covered by tree branches and in a poor location to warn drivers.

As an 11-day resident of this fair city, I called the city 311 help line AND filled out two online forms asking for 1. A better street sign and 2. Tree branch removal.

Tonight, T and I will celebrate our good citizenship and God’s grace (allowing me to live through my harrowing lane ending experience) by eating leftovers.  Ah, married life.


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